Spaghetti sauce

Having seen my mother cook every day in kitchen as a child kind of put me off cooking and I was famous among friends for never cooking. Well, I guess that wasn’t going to last long since now I am a very different person.  From cooking nothing at all, I have come to love cooking sauces in my own kitchen. So far, I find spaghetti sauce to be right up my ally as far as cooking a tasty sauce is concerned.  Nope, I am not about to die or something and neither did I have a bad experience with my other lifestyle but simply that I realized how much love you can express through cooking for the people you love.

I think now I understand what my mother felt when she cooked for her family. I think I am blessed that I have retained her culinary skills. It is definitely worth all the time that I spend and now that I have molded my life in a way that my family is on top of the high priority list, I think this is one of the best ways to connect with everyone. The dinner time is much more special for all of us now.

Style & Fashion

Peacock costume

Whenever someone says that times have changed, I understand that they are referring to not only the advancement and development that we have achieved in terms of objects but also in terms of the human outlook of the society that has changed, or perhaps evolved with time. To give you a very rudimentary example, the costumes when I was a kid were all about fun. I fail to pin point when it all became about competition and being the best or at least the most unique. I see my children and they become restless (I hope with happiness) whenever the Halloween or any other costume party is around the corner.

They are always trying a lot more and harder than before to do even better every year. I agree that the society has become more competitive but I do miss the good old days when a peacock costume had the kids over the moon at simply the costume being so beautiful. I and all my friends all used to be dressed in the same costume and still be happy with how gorgeous we looked. The competition is fair now but I urge all parents out there to not surpass the level of healthy among their children.


Dog ear infection

Dogs ate one of the creatures who have the worst allergic reactions after humans. I say the worst because these allergies are usually not very apparent as in us humans and can go undetected and become very painful. Dog ear infection falls into the category of allergic reactions and since it develops inside the ear and can be a bloody affair, it is both painful and hidden. Regarding these skin infection you might have heard a lot about skin mites and other small organisms being a reason.

Also, as a dog owner, I am sure that you must be aware of the fact that a thoroughly clean surrounding is just the precaution which is needed along with timely ear wax removal which tends to build up more and in a fast manner in dogs. But is this enough to keep infection at bay?

I am afraid to say that it is most certainly not. Allergic reaction to the external environment constitutes only one part of the problem, you must take note of any ingested items that can cause the allergy in your dog. You must bond and closely monitor all the fod intake to keep this problem from occurring.


How to conceive a boy

Sex selection of the baby is a highly significant matter for some couples. Some of them are usually hoping for a boy to complete their family, if they already have a baby girl and others might be facing slight persuasion from their families to grow their family hierarchy further with a boy. The traditional reasons have been around for a very long time and so the research into this matter, both scientific and non-scientific, is immense. There are many, many ways that you can take up if you want to know how to conceive a boy.

If you want to keep the process to yourself and do not want to do it openly because either you fear how others will judge you or that others might not understand and they do not anyways have a right to control or know what you are doing in your personal life as a couple, then the best way to do this is to invest some time and effort into understanding your bodies and the monthly cycles in the female body at a much deeper level. So, take out your calendar and your pen and start making some notes to proceed further from here.


Amber teething necklace

As an online shopper, I act more than what a normal consumer shall observe.

I used to shop online for clothes, accessories and hardware. Never in my life have I gotten problems in purchasing or paying my suppliers. The reason is simple – cautiousness.

For example, I would want to purchase and amber teething necklace over the internet, I will look for an online chick shop that has at least a handful of likes depending on the scope of market they work on. Also, you may want to check the payment method and as much as possible, try to negotiate the supplier to build trust and relationship.

Talking with your supplier helps. Why? Because it gives you the assurance that your purchases will come on time with the value you have paid for. Sad to say that a lot of online shoppers suffer from spam purchases that has just snatched away their money in one blow. Also, as a reminder, try to avoid paying in credit card. There are payment method sites which could act a mediator for the both parties to ensure accountability.

There is nothing wrong in spending much as long as you get what you have asked for and enjoy them while they last.


Best places to retire

The young and old nowadays are working hard to get the maximum out of the time they are spending in offices either on a job or a business of their own. But this hurry or intent to work hard is not futile; there is a very clear goal that was not heard of in the past. These people are eager to finish off the working part of their life at one go and take up retirement to enjoy their life at peace and in luxury and leisure.

The ripple effect of this trend has in turn seen many other trends coming to surface. The most prominent is the search for best places to retire. With the savings made over the years, every retiree wants to make decision that suits his taste, preference and idea of where he would like to enjoy the relaxing part of his life. After sacrificing on his choices and putting in his sweat to stash away enough money to afford a place of his dreams, an individual is looking for verification and validation of places that are being pitched to him as ideal. Though there are a plethora of choices available, it is important to ensure you know what you are looking for before you refer to one of the lists published by any of the top research agencies.

Home Improvement

Kitchen Cabinets

From the earliest times known to man cooking food was the prime thing that a man worked for. To ease his hunger man had to eat and to eat he had to either find natural fruits or cook them. For cooking he used fires and to make the fires he used logs and twigs. But slowly over the centuries of evolution this method of cooking changed drastically. In our modern day homes we use the kitchen for making our food and meals. Due to the space constraint found in most kitchens we have to use the space efficiently. And for that reason we needed cabinets and cupboards to keep our stuffs whether it be plates or food.

For the furnishing of our kitchen we may the consult the hardware stores or the internet to get custom made unfinished kitchen cabinets. There are several types and designs to choose from and we can easily install them in our homes. The cabinets come in different sizes, shapes and colors so that it blends gracefully with our kitchens. They are also adjustable so that our space requirement is also fulfilled. Besides stores there are numerous websites from where we can easily select and buy our desired cabinets for our modern kitchen.

Style & Fashion

Flannel Lined Jeans

Boys always complain that girls have a whole room full of wardrobe stuffs instead of having just a normal room to sleep with. Well, the bed may be somewhere but hey, you should understand why we need a humongous amount of space to place those daisy dukes and flannel lined jeans.

The reason why our closet must be that bulky – yet neat – is the gravity of the earth which produces four seasons in a year to dress up with. We cannot wear the same tops for the whole year – it will either be thin or thick in a couple of months depending on the sun’s mood swings. There is no such thing as flexible clothing so, all of you boys must understand that it is hard to maintain or at least find that one kind of fabric that could adapt to both warm and cold. We don’t settle for jerseys in the summer of varsity jackets for the winter – that is a whole different thing.

However, the main reason why we have to stack beautiful clothes is to make ourselves beautiful for our boyfriends out there. We know that you, too, like the way we dress. Why don’t we just leave the bedroom stuffs aside and just go out for a party tonight? I have a new brand of heels right here somewhere – oh, there it is!


Summer and Kids

In today’s technologically enriched world it is quite easy to find a job if one knows where to look properly. Starting from teenagers to middle aged people a vast percentage of the population are nowadays looking for or doing online jobs. Why people are becoming attracted to it? Because it is easy to execute, follow and gives a person more flexibility about his/her working life.

First of all one has to look in the right place to find an online job. For the teenagers it is now very easy as internet has become very much available among the masses and they have plenty of spare time too. There are various websites where one could find online jobs for teenagers or to be more general, anyone.

Especially for a teenager, online surveys, content writing, data entry, online programming and website designing jobs are some of the options which they can consider doing online. From the internet they can find offers which are suitable to their needs and work accordingly. Among these options online surveys could be the most lucrative option for teenagers as the work required is quite easy and much less time consuming than content writing or data entry jobs.

Home Improvement

Beautifying Window Wells

OCD – the end of my ugly window well.

Window wells are built to prevent dirt from messing the curtains of your basement windows and it allows you to be free from claustrophobia while enjoying the ray of sun warm up your basement floor. However, window wells tend to be boring and filthy if being taken for granted especially during rainy seasons. I know it is of great use in my house but I cannot let it ruin the whole perfect picture of my gorgeous house.

You can add up some window wells accessories to eliminate its plainness to move it to a whole new next level. There are several drainage systems that are not just to suck in the excess water and dirt accumulated but also to make it look clean and organized. My OCD has led me to an eco-friendly window well. I surrounded potted flowering plants around it perimeter and placed white marble stones on its surface to hide the dirt as well as to help me clean the whole area with ease. Marble stones are smooth so it allows dirt to slide smoothly towards your drainage (just make sure your drainage whole looks clean so it cannot destroy the impact of the pretty stones) plus it gives a fashionable touch to your window well.

After all, simplicity is beauty. You don’t have to spend a lot just to improve your window wells. Do it yourself and let your hands get dirty. A stunning window well adds up to the already awesome view outside your basement windows. Try it yourself and see the difference.