Bird Watching in Los Angeles

Perfect Locations for Bird Viewing

Bird Watching LABird viewing has been very difficult within some areas. Several of you might  assume that it is difficult to do some bird watching in Los Angeles or in other city. However, there are places that you can see birds and making it possible for you to appreciate this hobby.

It is true that it is not easy to find some very good position and places that you can see birds clearly but within Los Angeles bird seeing location, we have tried to searched and find the most beautiful possible location for a perfect bird seeing activities.



Bird Viewing Sites  in Los Angeles

Arboretum of Los Angeles County

Arboretum of Los Angeles CountyThis 127 acre yard has covered with flowering plant as well as trees that make the area a real life bird paradise to reside on. On this location, you will be able get to see 200 peafowl birds that were imported from India along with some peacocks.


Los Angeles Oiled Bird Treatment Center

This is a 10,000 square foot facility that can accommodate 1,000 birds and as well as become an education center.

Estimated 40,000 kids visit this location annually. Families certainly have the ability to see 2 big outdoor aviaries that house pelicans. They also have a medical facility for birds that have actually been discovered and generated for treatment by seeing the display.


Audubon Center at Debs Park

Considered one of the greenest structures in the country, it houses prairie wolves and also concerning 138 varieties of birds.


LA ZOOConsist of different species such as the Andean Condor, African Fish Eagle, Chilean Flamingo, Egret, Chinese Duck, Giggling Kookaburra, deluxe crested Jay, Armed force Macaw, Red Knobbed Hornbill, Sacred Ibis, Thick billed parrot, Ostrich, Congo Peacock, Blue Peafowl, Common Rave, Roseate Spoonbill, Black Swan, Inca Tern, Female Ross’s Turaco, Cape Marauder, Cape Griffon Vulture and a whole lot a lot more. You can also check this place for bird viewing.

Free Locations in LA

If you intend to do some free bird watching without paying any type of entrance or auto parking charges, drive around the city and also you might see some specifically area around the UCLA University that is on the Westwood area of Los Angeles.

You could also find birds in the flood control basins of Los Angeles specifically near the Montebello Hills and also near the Hansen Dam. Below you will certainly discover Nighthawks, Roadrunners, Costa’s Hummingbirds, Cactus Wren and the Loggerhead Shrike.

The Boreal Woodland is also the home of 60 varieties of birds especially during the migrating period and throughout the winter. You could see Surf and White Winged Scoters diving for clams and also mussels along Newport Beach or the Golden Crowned Sparrow right from Canada’s Yukon.

If you like bird watching, you could sign up with teams that funded trips as well as offer training to their fellow participants. Some are from the Los Angeles Audubon Culture, the West Los Angeles Bird Club, the Parrot Culture of L.a and also the Gold Nation Bird Society. Conferences are also held monthly.

Bird Watching Essentials

Bird Watching Essentials

When you do bird viewing by yourself or with a team, make sure to bring all the equipment you required like a pair of field glasses, a pen, a journal, a hat, backpack and even an electronic camera. You could possibly discuss this information with the other members throughout the meeting so you end up being an energetic individual not simply a person who seated in the back as well as merely hears what other people tells.

The bird watching locations stated simply reveal that it is still possible to do some bird viewing in Los Angeles even if it is a dynamic city. So check around these locations out and have some fun!

Best Way to Discover The Closest Nature with Your Kids

Discovering Nature with Your Kid in Your Own Backyard

Backyard Nature

Nature in backyards are considered the closest place where individuals of any ages visit to unwind and enjoy. While many individuals appreciate remaining in their own yards, as they seldom to experience it before alone. While your backyard is loaded with remarkable living things, parents might wish to use this opportunity to check out nature with them not only will it be a fun, but it will certainly also be a discovering experience.

Normal Things You Can See in Your Backyard

Birds are just few of the many animals that could be seen in your backyard. There’s a multitude of various birds that will make their means into your yard, specifically if you have a bird feeder. Among the numerous reasons that bird viewing is fun because there are a lot of birds that you can see. While enjoying these birds, you may want to record exactly what your youngster sees.

To transform a bird seeing into an educational encounter, you will certainly need to acquire a few materials. These may include a bird viewing book, a notebook, and also an electronic camera. Notepads and cameras are optional but they are a means to document the birds that enter your backyard. While a notebook and a video camera are optional, you may seriously wish to think about purchasing a bird enjoying book. Lots of book shops offers a big choice of bird seeing publications consisting for children. A bird watching book is crucial when incorporating education and learning right into this fun backyard activity.

Nature Bird Watching

As previously stated, birds are simply a few of the lots of living creatures that could be located in your yard. You and your youngster ought to likewise be able to discover a large number of different bugs as well as pests. As with bird viewing, you could want to examine and also examine some of these bugs. By seeing your regional book shop or by shopping online, you ought to be able to discover a number of insect information guides or books that are created particularly for kids.

Bugs and Insects: What You Can See in Your Backyard

What is nice about most bugs and insects is that you don’t need to check out on them every now and then as they can adapt into different places normally. Most of the insects can reside in tiny containers. If your child doesn’t want to check an insect up-close, you can try to put them into small containers. A lot of retail stores including scientific research shops, plaything stores, and conventional department stores ought to have a wide variety of different bug catching materials. These items could consist of little cages, breathable containers, and butterfly nets.

Many children recognize the fact that insects and birds are living pets but lots of them don’t know that plants and flowers are likewise living. Because of that, you may intend to teach children about those plants and blossoms. Just like a lot of other living things, you need also to have the ability to buy books and source overviews that cover common plants and also blossoms. You as well as your youngster may have a good time contrasting the plants and also blossoms in your backyard to those in their publications.

Backyard Nature PlantsIt is fantastic exactly what you could locate in your personal plants and flowers backyard. For an enjoyable, however educational encounter, you and your youngster are motivated to get outside as well as see every little thing that nature needs to supply.

Bird Houses: Importance of Building a New One

Significance Bird Houses and How To Build One

Bird Houses

Bird houses






Bird houses play a vital role of the conservation of birdin especially those who are living in the suburban areas like cities and other developmental places. It serves as a location of nesting and resting. These different kinds of bird houses is important in every bird’s growth as they always take some time to rest and have a place to hide in the rainy season. For bird owners, it is a responsibility to give your pets a proper place where they could be allowed to roam around along with other needs.

When preparing for a bird’s house, it is important to know the basic steps in creating a proper resting place for your pet birds. It is not just an easy thing to do it right away, just like humans; they also need to realize that birds need some important factors on the correct way on how to create the appropriate place for them to rest.


Important Factor to Consider in Building a Bird’s House

Bird Houses building


  • Safety. It is important to build a bird house wherein you know that your pet is in a safe place. Make sure that the bird’s house is located in a high level portion to avoid some bird feeding animals to come to the house you are building.


  • Ventilation. Consider the area of the bird’s house. It is important to know the size wherein your pet can freely move and nest with their young ones.


  • Cleanliness. One of the most important factors of a bird’s house is to keep the structure clean. Take out the dirt and keep it clean as possible.


  • Proper drainage. Make a hole in the floor area in which it can carries out the water that would possibly enter the house.


  • Ladder. It is not necessary for some bird houses especially those that are in just in low lying but sometimes in order to help young ones leave the house. It can also easier to do bird watching.


You can also be creative in creating the different kinds of bird houses in which you can decide on the paint and other accessories that you can add.  Make sure that it could be as comfortable as it should in order to live your birds healthily.


Bird Watching Dos and Don’ts

Why Bird Watching Will Change Your Perspective

Bird Watching

Bird viewing and bird watching is one of the most common activities that children do. It is because birds are one of the most interesting topics for children. Mostly children discover nature by exploring living things such as birds and other animals that live and be found between jungles and forests.

Kids are likely to be imaginative and adventurous as they grow. Children start to see themselves getting interested into something as they try to become more active in exploring.


 What Things to Bring While Bird Watching

Bird Watching Essentials

  • Binoculars. It is important to bring binoculars as sometimes birds can be reluctant in showing to people. It helps your child to find and see bird in much nearer.


  • Guide/Brochures. Sometimes, parks and other exclusive bird viewing places don’t have tour guides to come with you. It is important to have a copy of something that can explain to you about certain species of birds and other important details on your activity.


  • Emergency Kits. Some activities don’t guarantee you into safety. It’s always relevant to bring an emergency/medicine kits for immediate response.


  • Food. In some cases, bird watching areas may be found in remote areas. People can’t disturb the birds and be farther from any other establishments and cafes. It is important to bring foods or snacks along with bottled water.


  • Cameras/Video Cameras. For documentary purposes, you must bring gadgets that can capture this moment. It can also help to reproduce copies that you may need in the future for viewing purposes.


Bird watching nowadays has been in demand between school activities and educational tours. As children tries to discover about the different species and interesting topics that let them connect with nature.