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Why do kids intersted about birdsAs a Non-profit Organization, we are building great opportunities for potential children that are in the developmental stage of learning. We are promoting the help of Science with a concentration on Birds and other “Flying Species” in the animal kingdom. We are particularly introducing about Birds and all the things in related to this kind.

As a head of Bird Society Inc, I, Nancy Lewis is a 29-year old traveller living in Los Angeles, CA. I was started as a backpacker before I get into bird watching and later on became an advocate of that was, later on, build an organization devoted on Birds and contests related issues that can harm these animals.

Last 2014 I started this organization that promotes bird protection especially in the wild. I became an advocate of bird sanctuary preservation and protection in the wild.

To know more about our advocacy, you can contact me by leaving an inquiry in our Contact page.





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