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Bird InfluenzaBird influenza or so called Avian influenza(AI) or bird flu. The disease is a type of illness caused by the different strains of influenza viruses adapted to birds. Avian influenza virus that are mostly seen to ducks and goose and can easily spread widely to poultry products such as chickens. Bird influenza or bird flu can easily spread widely without showing any signs and symptoms.

According to WHO or World Health Organization, most avian or bird influenza doesn’t affect people. However at some point, AI disease may cause infections to humans such as A(H5N1) and A(H7N9). Straight and indirect interaction of live and deceased animals can be a basis of some major infections to humans.

Outbreaks of the disease such as bird influenza or bird flu can be a worldwide problem to solve. Having a rampant dying of poultry stocks, the virus can cause harm to people. Global health issues may rise due to animal effect and also the infections that may carry to humans.

Bird Influenza Effects on Humans

Bird flu has a high risk factor of effect in humans. This disease may not be easily visible to human eye. In handling an indirect and direct exposure to infected dead animals may cause harm to human health. Living in a contaminated environment with near bird locations to poultry is a big factor of acquiring this disease.

Bird Influenza Bad EffectsHumans that are contaminated with bird influenza may have signs and symptoms much like signs and symptoms of human flu. Signs may include fever, sore throat or muscle mass discomfort. The symptoms may be similar to normal flu that is experienced by humans. Because of the similarity, the signs is mistakenly detect the actual bird flu as human influenza. Nonetheless, humans contaminated with bird influenza would certainly have worse signs and symptoms. The most common visible bird flu symptom is eye infections as well as respiratory problems that can end up being life threatening.

Types of Avian Influenza or Bird Influenza

AI or bird influenza has 2 subtypes called the A(H5N1) and A(H7N9) that may cause infection to people.

  • A(H5N1) – A type of influenza that causes severe respiratory disease in birds and is most highly The type of virus is difficult to transmit to humans to other human being. The signs may only occur occasionally but the scariest as its mortality rate is about 60%.
  • A(H7N9) – A type of virus mostly affect people that has underlying medical conditions. The type has higher effect compared to seasonal influenza infection.

AI viruses have been divided into two groups. It is based on their ability to cause disease in poultry.

  • High Pathogenicity

The types of viruses that belong to this group can cause high death rates.  The effect is within 48 hours and sums up to 100% in some poultry species.

  • Low Pathogenicity

Bird Influenza Treatments

Bird Influenza Treatment TamifluThere were already available drugs that can be prescribed whenever a person may acquire this kind of virus. Oseltamivir or so called Tamiflu is an effective medication for someone who acquires influenza. Preferred to be taken orally to prevent an after flu exposure. In some high suspected cases, Tamiflu must be taken within 48 hours following on showing the symptoms.

Bird flu or influenza may consider as one of the major global outbreaks from WHO.  The virus has been measured as pandemic as it is unpredictable and may affect health, economic and even social consequence that can effect worldwide. It’s much important to learn more about the different kind of consequence in relation to birds and other poultry.

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