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Your Kids Deserve The Free Teaching Resources, Right? Thumbnail

Do you have an idea of what your kids will accomplish through free teaching resources? Perhaps a doctor, a soldier, or a computer programmer. Your child can achieve any dream, but only if he or she gets the proper education for success. Homeschooling can allow you to provide this opportunity to your child in a ...

Crazy Bird Explained Thumbnail

Crazy bird or simply known as Angry Birds is one funny game ever created. Angry Birds is among the most popular and most addicting cell phone games of all time. For example, while you’re playing Angry Birds, a favorite game, you must train your brain to think of creative strategies to fix problems. Angry Birds ...

Bird Flu: A Global Outbreak, A Global Concern Thumbnail

Bird influenza or so called Avian influenza(AI) or bird flu. The disease is a type of illness caused by the different strains of influenza viruses adapted to birds. Avian influenza virus that are mostly seen to ducks and goose and can easily spread widely to poultry products such as chickens. Bird influenza or bird flu can ...