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Different Types of Birds

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There a different types of birds:

  • Conures are native from South America, they are kind of birds that are playful, intrusive and unflinching by nature. Comes from all sizes ranging from 9-21 inches long and can live between 20-30 years. Comes with their attractive color, they also can be trained to talk in high-pitched screeches and can execute tricks.
  • Budgie or what so-called budgerigar is a small, long tailed, parrot that eats seeds. Also known as Common Pet Parakeet or Shell Parakeet, are the only species from Australia. Comes from different color such as blue, yellow, greys and even whites that has markings on their back and wings. It is also one of the in demand pets because of its cute sizes and can mimic voices.
  • Finches are medium-sized birds that came from Fringillidae family. They have pointed bills that are useful for eating seeds and often have colourful plumage. These birds can be seen worldwide aside from Australia and in Polar Regions. They also belong to the species that maintains to their habitats without migrating.
  • Canaries are a few birds that have the ability to create music as they learn to sing. Names as the best singers among birds, they are very convenient into space and easy to keep. Labelled as Serinus canarius domesticus, can be found originally in Canary Islands and Azores but imported into Spain in the year 1478.
  • A Cockatiel Nymphicus hollandicus is also known as Weiro or Quarrion. They are member of Cockatoo family in Australia and considered as a small cockatoo or a crested parrot. They are valued to be pets anywhere in the world. Second to Budgerigar (Budgie), they are very easy to breed.
  • Lovebirds are the most common pet bird that can be found anywhere. A member of the genus Agapornis, they are a very affectionate kind of parrots that can be easily adapt to the different places. They came from African continent while the grey-headed lovebirds came from Madagascar.
  • African Greys are commonly found within the African continent. Mostly bred parrot in the US and has the ability to adapt to the different environment, they can exist up to 50 years life span. They are considered as the most talkative parrot as they can mimic sounds like ringing telephones, buzzers, horns and etc. After choosing the type of the bird your child wants to have as pet, it is much important to guide them in taking care of their pet. Here are the list of things you need to teach your child.

Proper Training from experienced trainers

  • Appropriate Cleaning and Grooming for your pet
  • Correct food for the bird to consume
  • Give them essential equipment such as a good cage
  • Toys and exercise guidelines